Weblog Maaike okt 2017

Here ever you go there you are.

And here we are, in Amerika.

My dissision about Rotterdam was the right one. And a week later after the grand final I was traveling to World Cup Huelva,  a enthosiastic spanish village.

I never experienced such a hard race as this one. An australian beach start with the ins and outs dolfining and the loose sand. The bike what was meanly uphill and the run up or down on coble stones was a though one. Happy with the proces I ended on a 14th position. But hungry to get better and more. So two weeks later it was time to fly since more than a year over the big ocean. And we thoutch down at Sarasota, Florida.

The conditions where hard. The temprature was high and the humanity intense. Because off the hot weather the algen had bin growing and made the swim a ‘no-go’.

We got told at the briefing, only two days before the race it was going to be a different format. 5,2km run-40km bike-10km run… partly i was sad because i traveled to Sarasota for a triathlon but as a runner i can’t complain. With a few learning points i finished 4th in this incredible heat. With some money and points in de bag. I flew to Colorado springs where i am at the moment. A very excited time because i am testing out what i want for the future. And with the future i mean, up to the next couple of year.

I cant tell yet, but i will keep you updated.

Cheers Maaike

P.s. mijn nieuwe website is live: www.maaikecaelers.com

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