Weblog Maaike kijkt terug en vooruit

Hi Everybody,

First I write this blog in English, while English is not my first language I might make some mistakes. But at least everybody knows where I am up to.

2017 had highs and lows. But the mean thing is I found myself back again and the way up continues!

I think every triathlete knows what I am saying when you can put some shorts on instead of a long tight. or a t-shirt instead of a hoody. We are a lot outside and it makes it easier to have the nice weather there.

So here I am Phoenix Arizona, under the sun with the Jonathan Hall Squad. making the first steps of the 2018 tri-season!

To be honest it has been very challenging as well. Being on a cyclocross bike and not on my road bike. the first week was really out of my comfort zone. A different enviroment with new routes, I did get lost, but found my way back. But meanly we had a lot and a lot of smiles and happy faces!

I will go home for a couple of days to spent xmas with the family(in the cold) but before I know I will be back under the sun and continue to find the race-fitness what I still have bin missing last year.

beside all that, I want to thank a person, How has bin there all the time.. he was so good in what he did that I nearly didn’t see it, Special Thanks to Jan Brinkmans. With his special eye contacts I can see for more than 100%. seeing holes and bumps so I don’t crash. and of course seeing this new beautiful enviroment!

Take care!

Maaike x

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