Weblog Maaike; Angels, Sun, Heat and dryness!!

Hi Everybody,

First of all Happy New Year. May all of your dreams come true.
Well talking about dreams… I am working on it.

After a fast and furious time at home with xmas, I took the plane back to Phoenix.The sun was shining and my body was a little confused from the jetlag, but I started my new season. Hallo 2018!

Before I hopped on the plane, there were a couple of things to organize. Before I go away for a longer period, I wanted to be organized and ready for the upcoming races and training.

So, that means the bike is ready, the shoes are sorted, wetsuit is new, new goggles, making sure I have everything working. Powermeters and heartrate monitors, having the right clothing with me. And as well as getting all of these things organized, I always want to say a good bye to a couple of people. Of course there is my family and my friends, but there are also some people who helped me through all the times it didn’t go as well too. So, to be honest, I didn’t manage to say thank you and goodbye to everyone I wanted to this year. Mainly because I only had 5 days at home!

I arrived home on the 24th of December back after 3 weeks of training in Phoenix. I took a nap, did a walk with mum and got my presents ready. We had a lovely nice evening and I felt quite fresh and not too tired. On Christmas day and on Boxing Day I saw a lot of family, so it was easily to tick off the family box. The following 3 days were busy. With a little training, (lucky the weather was not to bad), I followed my to-do-list. But there are always buts…

Fuji and Parketreus organized a new little beauty. While packing this little beauty I ended up messing up a screw… I had a little panic attack! It was a difficult situation because of the position of the screw and the timing. But there are luckily not only angels in heaven but on earth as well. Jarno and Ron managed to help me and for the finishing touch they helped me packing it as well!! Beside the bikebag. My new pair of New Balance were packed. I love the Fresh Foam 1080. But they where out of stock with NB itself. Angel Kor organized two pairs for me at one of the shops where I could pick them up!

I had a quick catch up with the angel Physiotherapist Olaf so I could start the New Year with no problems. Another catch up with the angels of ‘Gaan voor Goud’ who continues me to sponsor and supply me.

An appointment with angel (Hans) Brinkmans for my contacts so I can see where I am going on the bike and run and making sure I don’t take the wrong plane. Luckily the rest of it was pretty straightforward… well that’s what I thought. Just continue reading and you will find out…

The last people I had to say good-bye to where my parents, my brother, my sister, and my sister’s boyfriend. I have lost count, but they have driven me a lot of times to Amsterdam to say good-bye. Goodbyes are always hard, even though I love to travel the world with my passion, I always have tears in my eyes when I have to say good-bye for now. Those remind me on how lucky and blessed I am with this family and a warm home-sweet-home. But it was time to spread my wings!

I found my seat for the next 8,5 hours. I was luckily quite tired so I slept a lot. This always makes flying nicer because time passes way faster. Those who have traveled over sea know you have to fill in the papers and see an officer before you walk in to the country. When I arrived, I told my story to the border agent and he was fine with it, but there was a but. Due to the fact hat I have been living and training in the USA for a while, I need a visa. It is time to start organizing a visa before I come back to the USA after I have been in Australia in March.

What else I have been up to…? We have back training for only one week so far. It has been going well, and I feel that I am getting stronger every day. The weather is fantastic. Hot, sunny and dry. It is especially noticeable how dry it is. You have to use so much moisturizer so that your skin stays hydrated. I got a very interesting and mind-blowing bike fit! Thanks to Cycologic for the free watts!! And Lake cycling shoes for getting the rights shoes on my propeller feet.

Well I think that’s it…for now! Stay warm, happy and healthy.
Cheers Maaike x

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  1. Marjo Timmermans-Bruekers

    Lieve Maaike, Je vertelt dat je blij was om je familie te zien maar wij vonden het ook heel fijn om jou even bij Oma te kunnen zien. Heerlijk weer even bijkletsen en je alvast veel geluk en succes wensen voor 2018!! Go for it Girl!! Groetjes Laurens en Marjo

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